• A connecting, transitional, or intermediate route or phase between two adjacent elements, activities or conditions.

  • A transitional, modulatory passage connecting sections of a composition or movement.

    ‘WASLA’ is also used as an expression for the bridge of a song, which serves as the primary building blocks, joining the verse and the chorus.


We live in a world of silence. Whatever is to be said is noise, and whatever is to be sung is silent. We say we are connected, but who bridges the chasms of silence between us? Who sees opportunity in the alternative? Who are the lines that connect beneath the dots to make poetry? Who are we?

We are WASLA, an Arabic word used to express a link, or connection between the seemingly disparate. In a musical context, it means the bridge of a song - a name perfect for us. We are a team of Arabs and Arabists, introverts and extroverts, mad men and suits, lovers and givers that have connected together from across the world to bring a tangible alternative image and weight to the cultural produce of the Arab world.

Tired of the same image of yesterday’s palaces turning into rubble to the tune of fear and confusion, tired of the identity of ignorance and arrogance, tired too of the pastime of creative mediocrity, we are on a mission to provide an alternative; to celebrate the timeless connection of the Arab past with its present, its mother-tongue with its youth, and its talent with its audience – for Arabs, and for the world.

As a community, we will manifest our journey to connect the dots, spread our message to audiences worldwide, and celebrate the redefinition of what it means to hail from this part of the universe. Through events, talks, publications, feeds and festivals of all art forms and platforms, we will become the forum to see and showcase the Arab cultural alternative, the pins that keep the tent grounded through the winds of change, and the energy powering the music under the bridges.

بين ضوضاء الكلام وصمت الغناء نتغنى بالتواصل. ولكن من يرأب صدوع الصمت بيننا؟ من يرى نور الأمل في اختلافنا؟ من يجدف قوارب الكلمات في بحور أشعارنا؟ من أنت ومن أنا؟

نحن وصلة، بكل ما تحمل هذه الكلمة من معان. نحن وصلة تجمع بين القاصي والداني، نحن وصلة موسيقية تحلو بها الأغاني. نحن فريق اجتمع على حب الحضارة والثقافة والموسيقى، فريق يحتفي بالأضداد ويتغنى بلغة الضاد، فريق تواصل من مختلف البقاع ليرسم لوحة عربية بفرشاة من الإيقاع.

جئنا لنبعث روح العصر في قصور الماضي وهوية الحاضر، لنعيد رسم خريطة الإبداع ونمحو خطوط النشاز، لنحتفل بموروثنا العربي المجيد وواقعنا الغني بكل فريد، لنبني جسور الوصل بين لغتنا وكل جيل، بين المبدعين وعشاق الفن البديل. من المحيط إلى الخليج.

مهرجان وصلة الموسيقي، هو خطوتنا الأولي في رحلتنا لتحقيق رؤيتنا معكم. وعبره نجمع لكم أرقى الإبداعات الموسيقية العربية من نجوم الحاضر والمستقبل. ونعدكم أن نطرب آذانكم ونرقص سوياً مع أروع الأنغام في أول مهرجان يحتفي بالموسيقى العربية البديلة في مدينة دبي.

معاً، سنخط كلمات رسالتنا للعالم بأحرف من الفن لنقول نحن العرب. بفعاليات وحوارات ومهرجانات ومعارض تعكس كل مواهبنا لتكون منبراً للثقافة العربية البديلة وأساساً راسخاً لبنيان لا تهزه ريح الابتذال ووقوداً ينير مشكاة الفن الأصيل.

أنتم موج الموسيقى يحيى به بحر السكون أنتم حروف الوصل في قصيدة الفنون أنتم وصلة، فأنتم من نكون


memory lane

The first of its kind, WASLA was launched in the UAE in January of 2017. Catering to the growing fan base of Alternative Arabic Music and providing a world class experience, WASLA has continued to celebrate its Arab roots, capturing the hearts and minds of thousands of music fans in the through the region. After two critically acclaimed festival seasons, and a series of supporting events, the brand’s next festival is set to drive the brand’s mission to showcase, support and develop Arabic talent across the region’s creative and performing arts forward.


the end goal


WASLA is a platform to create connections, between artists, fans and the public, nurturing forms of expression and communication in an artistic and on a human level.

We aim to showcase the flourishing creativity from the region, celebrating popular artists that are paving the way and endorsing and nurturing hidden talent.

Embodying contemporary Arab culture, WASLA resonates with the ever globalizing youth and reminds them that there is merit in the heritage and modernizing culture.

By shedding light on the Middle East’s richness, we want to create awareness by enforcing a positive perception and encouraging positive change the artistic expression.

WASLA is claiming its status in the international music scene, as a powerful movement and genre on the map.

At its core, WASLA is about connecting alternative Arabic talent with the Arab community, both here in Dubai and, indeed, across the Middle East. This year’s (2019) festival will see WASLA broaden its horizons to demonstrate the brilliance of alternative Arabic music, culture and art to the wider world. We have expanded the scope of the event to cater to a larger and more diverse audience while still using the power of music to spread a positive message and provide a true celebration of creativity.
— Amr Ramadan – Co-Founder and Project Director of WASLA